Merchant Store

We will have a merchant store with two sections: The community store, and our stand-alone store

Merchant Store

Meme Marketplace

A real Meme Marketplace where you can buy a meme or request a meme on a certain topic

Meme Marketplace

Creative Staking

Where the most active and creative members of our community get rewarded

Creative Staking

Play to Help and Earn

A Play to Earn Team game where you can earn and help nature at the same time

Play to Help and Earn


CTP wants to be the first meme coin in the Elrond blockchain that also has a purpose, namely to help protect the environment. We are currently in advanced discussions with international organizations to build partnerships to this effect. We also have proposals from our community in this regard.


Growth of Elrond Adoption

Environmental Protection

Rewarding $CTP Holders

CTP Token

In order to create value for the holders of $CTP token, we intend to implement a Merchant Store and a Meme Marketplace.

Merchant Store

Creation of a merchant store

1. Stand-alone Merchant Store

In this store we will trade customized products created by our team, that will be able to be purchased by means of the $CTP coin.

2. Community Merchant Store

In this store, the partners who are willing to be verified and prove that they are actively involved in the protection of the environment or in the environmental education of future generations will be able to list for sale their own products. These products will only be available for purchase via $CTP coin.


Meme Marketplace

Starting with a meme coin, we’ll also create a meme marketplace, where talented people who are passionate about memes can monetize their creations.
The Marketplace will be divided into 2 categories:

1. Meme store

The most talented members of the community will create all sorts of memes that we will load in our marketplace.
Interested people will be able to buy these memes, which we will mint as NFTs.

2. Request a meme

In this category, the people who want a certain meme will offer a sum of $CTPs for a meme when making an order.
Those who are interested in fulfilling the order will register and provide examples and the person who initiated the request will choose what to buy. We will transform this meme into an NFT and deliver it to the buyer.

Creative Staking

For all $CTP holders, we introduce the notion of creative staking.

The creators who are active in our community and who are staking their $CTP will be rewarded.

They are the core of our Meme Marketplace.

Community Chest

We will have a treasury chest for the entire community.

This chest will be fed with

  • 50% from the sales of our own Merchant store.
  • 10% from the sales of the Merchant Store of our community.
  • 100% from the royalties generated by memes minted in the Meme Marketplace.
  • 10% from the sales of each MEME on our Marketplace.

Treasury Chest will be governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will be an open-source and transparent smart contract.


Token Distribution ($CTP)

Total CTP supply 1,000,000,000
Private Sales
Maiar Liquidity
Marketing and promotions
Creative Staking initial pool
NFT Staking
Public Sales
Lp rewards
CTP Treasury

$CTP Tokenomics

NFT Collections

We will launch 6 NFT collections

Unique NFT


Unique Water Rings


Unique Wind Rings


Unique Earth Rings


Unique Heart Rings


Unique Fire Rings

Captain Planet Collection

The last collection will be named Captain Planet. All the people who have an element from every collection will automatically receive an airdrop from this collection.


The first 5 NFT collections are in the form of rings that have the capacity to summon an inner beast.

Subsequently, we will develop a game that will be structured on teams. The 5 teams, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, and Heart, where every fighter will participate by using a creature that will be summoned with a ring.

Our Roadmap


CTP Token Creation on the Elrond Blockchain

$CTP will be officially created on Elrond Blockchain.
Our Contract address

Community Channels

Check out our community channels.

Website Launch

Our site is launched at

Tokenomics Review

Review our tokenomics with our advisers.

CTP Token Presale

There will be five presale phases. With each phase, we will increase the number of CTPs put up for sale and their price.

Water NFT Collection

Mint our Fire NFT collection.

Fire NFT Collection

Mint our Fire NFT collection.

Wind NFT Collection

Mint our Fire NFT collection.

Earth NFT Collection

Mint our Fire NFT collection.

Heart NFT Collection

Mint our Fire NFT collection.

Captain Planet NFT Airdrop

All the people who have an element from each collection will receive, automatically, an airdrop from this collection!

NFT Staking and Creative Staking

Adding the NFTs and $CTP token stake option.

DAO smart contract for the Community Chest

Create DAO smart contracts (open-source, transparent) for our Community Chest distribution.

Stand-Alone Merchant Store Launch

We'll be Launching our Merchant Store!.

Community Merchant Store Launch

We will also create the Community Merchant Store. Here, verified partners who have proved that they are actively involved in the protection of the environment or in the environmental education of future generations on this line will be able to list their own products for sale.

Meme Marketplace

The time for GIFs and memes has come.

Create Request a Meme Option

We are currently adding the Request a Meme option to our Meme Marketplace.

Maiar Exchange Listing

We are in the process of adding liquidity for Maiar Exchange and Listing.

Our First Play to Help and Earn Concept Preview

We will be revealing our clues to the Help and Earn concept.

Simple Tasks for NFT Owners to Do in Our Play to Help Concept

We will also feature our first Play to Help and Earn tasks.

Join our First "Summon Your Inner Beast" Contest

We can't wait to launch our first 1 on 1 competition!

Complex Play to Help and Earn Game Release

Final Play to Help and Earn game release.

CTP CEX Listing

We also look forward to our listing on a major crypto exchange (CEX).


CTP is an ESDT token that was created on Elrond blockchain. We want to be the first meme coin on Elrond and the first meme coin with a purpose from the entire cryptospace.

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